From the Frontline of Fear: A Commentary on Austin’s Bombing Crisis

In recent weeks, all of us in Austin were gripped by fear and the uncertainty of a random bombing. Even after the bomber detonated himself when caught by our diligent law enforcement community, we… Read More

A Year in Crisis: The Top Crises of 2017, Analyzed

A Year in Crisis: The Top Crises of 2017, Analyzed

I don’t know about you, but I’ve banged my hands on my desk and shouted “What were they thinking!!!” over a corporate crisis about 78 times this year. It is… Read More

Courage and Assertiveness Required to Protect Corporate Reputations

As a crisis management counselor, I am often asked to wax poetic on every new sultan of sexual harassment. This is easy to do given the damning accusations released daily…. Read More

Speed and Agility are Crucial in a Crisis

The phenomenon of the nanosecond news cycle was on full display this week at The University of Texas at Austin (UT). On Monday campus police received a call regarding a… Read More

The Value of Authenticity and Transparency in Crisis

I always advise my clients to act with authenticity and transparency in the aftermath of crisis. Baylor University is a great illustration. Baylor’s administration and its athletics department concealed information,… Read More

Five Key Principles for Effective Crisis Management

Originally posted on SpinSucks November 8, 2016 From major product recalls, to a tsunami-triggered nuclear meltdown, to Penn State’s damaged reputation nightmare, we’ve reached a crisis management tipping point that is driven… Read More

Reaching Millennials

The folks at Newman’s Own, the company founded by the late actor Paul Newman, recently discovered some interesting insights about the brand. The salad dressing and popcorn company found that… Read More

The Age of Radical Transparency

Dave Samson, General Manager of Public Affairs at Chevron and president of the Arthur W. Page Society, shares insights on mobile technology and its role in crisis management: “Twitter is… Read More

Crisis Communications in Sports

June was an interesting month for some of my former sports clients. Golfer Dustin Johnson’s triumphant victory in the 2016 U.S. Open was bookended by Maria Sharapova’s two-year suspension from… Read More

Creating Your Own Media in the Age of Digital

Increasingly in the digital world, companies can create their own media outlets. One company that has taken that to the extreme is Chevron. It has been doing business in Richmond,… Read More