Lessons from Fukushima

In my interview with Naomi Hirose, president of TEPCO (Tokyo Electric Power Co.), he shares lessons learned from the earthquake and tsunami that devastated Fukushima and caused the meltdown of TEPCO nuclear reactors.

Two things Hirose wishes he’d known in 2011:

  • that a 50-ft. high tsunami wave was possible
  • that nuclear accidents are treated very differently from other crises

Crisis management advice to CEOs: Do not run away from the (challenge). People in your organization are watching. Unless the top management takes responsibility first, nobody follows you…. I’d rather face the most difficult (challenge) myself so that later people follow me.

CEOs must be prepared to lead from the front in crisis.#ConversationsInCrisisTWEET THIS
Nuclear accidents are very different from other crises.#ConversationsInCrisisTWEET THIS
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