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“Everyone in business will face a crisis. But in the digital era, you need a new playbook. Here it is.” Larry Scott, Pac-12 Conference Commissioner

Book Concept

Unlike most books on crisis management, Brand Under Fire focuses on crisis communications in the digital age. It’s an updated playbook that shares advanced digital and social media strategies informed by direct experience with some of the most challenging crises in recent years.

Jeff Hunt guides you through the six stages of crisis and shows why adhering to the five principles of crisis communication—authenticity, transparency, speed, agility, and creativity—will help your organization survive a crisis and come out stronger.


Former Penn State public relations advisor on how MSU can rehab post-Nassar scandal

This week, an article in The Atlantic blasted Michigan State University for its handling of nearly every aspect of the Larry Nassar scandal.

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Michigan State University Is Botching Its Reputation-Rehab

School officials should be following the post-crisis blueprint from Pennsylvania State. Instead, they’re making things worse.

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Podcast: Everyone in Business will Face a Crisis. These Tips Can Help.

No organization or person is immune to crisis. Are you prepared?

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Correcting a system that failed to protect abused gymnasts

Inviting an outsider into the crisis war room to establish unbiased objectivity is a public act of courage.

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Crisis Communication with Advent of Digital and Social Revolution

On this episode of CyberChat, host Sean Kelley is joined by Jeff Hunt, author of “Brand Under Fire” and Tim Cox, acting director of IT strategic communications at VA’s Office of Information and Technology.

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Ep. 55: MOVE PEOPLE through Crisis

When big, bad things happen to major organizations around the world, they call one guy: Jeff Hunt. He handles nuclear meltdowns (both the literal and figurative kind) with a methodical approach and no-nonsense style...

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Five Key Principles for Effective Crisis Management

From major product recalls, to a tsunami-triggered nuclear meltdown, to Penn State’s damaged reputation nightmare, we’ve reached a crisis management tipping point that is driven by digital and social media.

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UT Trains Fukushima Executives on Crisis Communication

More than two years after the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster made headlines around the world, Japan is still reeling... Enter The University of Texas.

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Why your crisis plan is tragically outdated

There are some things about effective crisis management that will never change. Consultant and author Jeff Hunt examines how crisis management has evolved in recent years based on the rapidly changing nature of media.

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