Getting to ‘Yes’ With Closer Legal-Communications Coordination in the Crisis Situation Room

Getting to ‘Yes’ With Closer Legal-Communications Coordination in the Crisis Situation Room

In a crisis situation, the tension between communication and legal advisors is often at the expense of client needs. This tension can lead to conditional apologies and non-denial denials. More… Read More

An Analysis of the Brewing Racism Crisis at Starbucks

Last weekend I watched with sadness as an incident fueled by racism at a Philadelphia Starbucks spun out of control. We would all like to think globally diverse and revered… Read More

Courage and Assertiveness Required to Protect Corporate Reputations

As a crisis management counselor, I am often asked to wax poetic on every new sultan of sexual harassment. This is easy to do given the damning accusations released daily…. Read More

Hurricane Harvey Illustration

Crisis Preparedness Includes Communications Preparedness: Lessons From the Arkema Experience

First of a series on crisis communications surrounding Hurricanes Harvey and Irma   As everyone now knows, Hurricane Harvey dealt record-setting blows, with devastating winds and floods, to coastal Texas,… Read More

When You Mess Up, Fess Up

In my forthcoming book on crisis management, I describe the six stages of crisis. This week United Airlines went from Stage 4, “Escalating Flow of Events,” to Stage 6, “Bunker… Read More

Exploding Devices Revisited

Recent headlines describing how Samsung Galaxy phones burned a six-year-old child and ignited a Jeep are reminiscent of a 2006 product recall by Dell. I was brought in to help… Read More

Lochte Saga Illustrates Tension Between PR, Legal Goals

News that Ryan Lochte is now likely to face charges in Brazil for allegedly filing a false police report gives us the opportunity to reassess his widely mocked initial apology,… Read More

Lochte Lies Leave Lasting Consequences – And Valuable Lessons for Crisis Management

(Editorial note: Olympian Jack Conger is a family friend.) With the official close of the 2016 Olympics Sunday evening, it is now abundantly clear that this year’s games will be… Read More