Drive On

Uber’s announcement that its much maligned founder and CEO Travis Kalanick was stepping down couldn’t come soon enough for many fans of the ride service.  The “toxic culture” he allegedly created and… Read More

Tiger’s Situation Requires a Strong Dose of Transparency

This week the sports world confronted the news that Tiger Woods was arrested on Memorial Day for driving under the influence. I posted about the golfer’s rebranding effort last year… Read More

Speed and Agility are Crucial in a Crisis

The phenomenon of the nanosecond news cycle was on full display this week at The University of Texas at Austin (UT). On Monday campus police received a call regarding a… Read More

What to do when you’ve been Trumped: Six Considerations to Survive the “Tweet Storm”

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Volkswagen Takes Global Sales Title Despite Scandal

Volkswagen surpassed Toyota in 2016 car sales despite its diesel emissions cheating scandal. Not many analysts were predicting this turn of events when the ugly narrative came to light. VW’s successful performance was… Read More

Tiger Rebrands

Tiger Woods is planning to rejoin the professional golf tour in December after being sidelined with injuries. But at age 40, it’s also clear that he is thinking about life… Read More

What Delta Did Right

I am no fan of airline delays, but as someone who spends about 60 percent of my time traveling, I have come to learn that not all delays are created… Read More

Crisis Communications in Sports

June was an interesting month for some of my former sports clients. Golfer Dustin Johnson’s triumphant victory in the 2016 U.S. Open was bookended by Maria Sharapova’s two-year suspension from… Read More

A New World for SeaWorld

I applaud SeaWorld’s new ad campaign and the fundamental changes the company has embraced. As its print ad states: “There’s no dancing around this subject. A lot has happened since… Read More