Some Quick, Practical Tips for Organizations on Communicating During the COVID-19 Crisis

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The ReLaunching of Conversations in Crisis

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Getting to ‘Yes’ With Closer Legal-Communications Coordination in the Crisis Situation Room

Getting to ‘Yes’ With Closer Legal-Communications Coordination in the Crisis Situation Room

In a crisis situation, the tension between communication and legal advisors is often at the expense of client needs. This tension can lead to conditional apologies and non-denial denials. More… Read More

Commissioner Got It Half Right, But Mostly Wrong

Commissioner Got It Half Right, But Mostly Wrong

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Hurricane Harvey Illustration

Crisis Preparedness Includes Communications Preparedness: Lessons From the Arkema Experience

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When Crisis Strikes On Everest

When Crisis Strikes On Everest – How Do You Respond? Dr. Ken Kamler’s response to a brutal storm that hit Mt. Everest, the world’s most forbidding peak, in May 1996,… Read More

What We Can Learn From The Korean Dilemma

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Your Values Should Inform Crisis Response

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Terrorism and Crisis Planning

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Crisis at The University of Texas

I was proud of my alma mater, The University of Texas at Austin, when recently it was forced to deal with the first homicide on campus in nearly 50 years…. Read More