Commissioner Got It Half Right, But Mostly Wrong

Commissioner Got It Half Right, But Mostly Wrong

The Houston Astros are one victory away from winning their first World Series in franchise history, and it’s been a crazy ride. Unfortunately, not everyone has been able to enjoy… Read More

Tiger’s Situation Requires a Strong Dose of Transparency

This week the sports world confronted the news that Tiger Woods was arrested on Memorial Day for driving under the influence. I posted about the golfer’s rebranding effort last year… Read More

The Value of Authenticity and Transparency in Crisis

I always advise my clients to act with authenticity and transparency in the aftermath of crisis. Baylor University is a great illustration. Baylor’s administration and its athletics department concealed information,… Read More

Tiger Rebrands

Tiger Woods is planning to rejoin the professional golf tour in December after being sidelined with injuries. But at age 40, it’s also clear that he is thinking about life… Read More

Lochte Saga Illustrates Tension Between PR, Legal Goals

News that Ryan Lochte is now likely to face charges in Brazil for allegedly filing a false police report gives us the opportunity to reassess his widely mocked initial apology,… Read More

Lochte Lies Leave Lasting Consequences – And Valuable Lessons for Crisis Management

(Editorial note: Olympian Jack Conger is a family friend.) With the official close of the 2016 Olympics Sunday evening, it is now abundantly clear that this year’s games will be… Read More

Bearish on the Bears

Last week’s indictment of former defensive end Shawn Oakman on charges of felony sexual assault is yet another symptom of ongoing problems in intercollegiate athletics at Baylor. I believe that… Read More

Crisis Communications in Sports

June was an interesting month for some of my former sports clients. Golfer Dustin Johnson’s triumphant victory in the 2016 U.S. Open was bookended by Maria Sharapova’s two-year suspension from… Read More